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With the power of Salesforce CPQ + Billing be it Lead-to-Invoice or Lead-to-Cash we are bringing

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[Webinar]: Demystifying Revenue Recognition for Subscription Companies

Our guest speakers with experience in firms like Cisco, Dell, Intel, Thoughtworks, etc took a deep dive into topics like billing system configuration, product pricing, customer payment methods, & also, how software companies enable ASC 606 compliance.

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Elements of a Billing System

Order Management

Billing & Collection

Payment Processing

Order Management is the process of managing the Billing Invoices of your Order Products.

Billing & Collection involves processing the customer’s invoices and evaluating the charges incurred by their account.

Processing of payment and recording it into the finance books, GL, or the ERP.

Revenue Recognition Management

Tax Management

Usage Processing

Tax Management changes on the basis of multiple criteria such as type of product/ service, location, etc. It is shown on the invoice and added to the total order amount and the tax totals.

Processing invoices for customers based on usage of the product/service which is calculated against a standard unit of measurement.

Managing the accrual of recognized revenue as per ASC 606 Compliance.

Our Approach




Billing Readiness Assessment: 

Billing Integration Framework:

Billing Implementation QuickStart:

Free assessment that reduces implementation risk by preparing clients with existing CPQ instances for Salesforce Billing.

Robust end-to-end integration recipes for connecting CPQ & Billing systems to all major ERP platforms.

Our Salesforce Billing QuickStart gets most customers up and running in 8 weeks or less.


Farjad Yousaf

Michael Oleszkiewicz

James Sullivan

Account Executive at Salesforce

Account Executive at Salesforce

CEO at CadActive Technologies

"The expertise and knowledge that team Standav brings to the table are commendable. They’re very focused and dedicated."

"Standav has been a great implementation partner to work with for Salesforce CPQ & Billing projects. Their consultants are extremely skilled and have a thorough knowledge of the Quote to Cash and Billing Frameworks."

"The team at Standav was quick to customize and help with any changing requirements. We appreciate the level of transparency maintained by the team. Overall, we successfully managed to hit all of our timeline goals while delivering a successful project.”

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What sets us Apart?

Technology Integration for Enabling B2B Omni-channel Selling

Revenue Recognition for Complex Subscription-based models

Integration framework to map ERP to Salesforce

Standav provides its customers with solution implementation to enable omnichannel selling experiences for their customers.

Our customized process reduces manual adjustment towards ensuring ASC 606 Compliance using Salesforce Billing.

Reduce manual consolidation by creating a fully connected Quote to Cash and ERP environment from CPQ to Order Management, through Billing & Revenue Recognition.

CPQ/Billing Readiness assessment to identify modifications in the system

Demonstrated experience in rip-and-replacing Zuora with Salesforce

Quick-start Accelerators to help SMBs with Salesforce Implementation

Improve your tax calculations and billing processes by replacing Zuora with Salesforce

It is a process to assess a Business Model and identify the technological readiness of the customer’s business system to adopt to the Salesforce solutions.

For Small-Medium Businesses, we have a ready-to-use QuickStart framework that takes approximately 6 weeks to implement.

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